Wednesday, October 10, 2012

@CSGV's Double Standards

On Josh Horwitz's latest screed messing himself over CD printers, I posted a bit on their hypocrisy regarding what they call 'insurrectionists' and how they ignore any that would be classified as 'left wing' or at least not 'right wing'.  This was Ladd Everitt's response:
How is this example you cited here "insurrectionism"?
 So. Talking about how one doesn't like the direction the country's going and suggesting it may lead to violence makes one an 'insurrectionist' and a 'traitor' but ACTUALLY threatening a politician with a gun for being in a neighborhood that tends to vote the opposite party doesn't. If you're of the correct political persuasion of course.

This is the same organization that implied a political ad was advocating violence because a picture of a gun happened to be pointing at the President.This is also the same organization that has endorsed the rounding up of citizens based on religion or ethnicity if court approved.

So yeah, when Ladd Everitt calls someone a 'traitor' or 'insurrectionist', what he's really calling you is a 'right winger I don't like'. Anything done by the (appropriate) gov't or 'Left wing' is ok.

Update: Uh oh. Looks like I got Ladd all upset by quoting him.  He brought out the big guns on twitter.  Militia, racist, traitor, insurrectionist, the works:

So again, being a 'traitor' or 'insurrectionist' is what THEY say it is, just like Humpty Dumpty on his wall. In one instance, threatening a local politician w/ a gun isn't 'insurrectionism' but in another where a local gov't is shooting people for trying to vote and the people fight back, then holding elections, is treason.

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greenmeanie said...

Anyone who calls himself "baybeauty" is either a horse or a poof. Last time I checked horses can't type.

TL671 said...

But greenmeanie, horses asses sure seem to be able to type.

TL671 said...

Seeing as how the twitter feeds of @bradybuzz, and @csgv are staffed 7 days a week, they are finding plenty of horses asses.

Chase said...

These comments remind me of the guys in high school who would steal my clothes and throw rocks at me in the P.E. locker room. He's a bully.

greenmeanie said...

Chase, No, Laddie is a CYBER bully. Read: PUSSY. Real life bullys actually have to be there with you to torment you. A cyber bully is a candy-ass who would piss himself and run if actually confronted in person.

Thirdpower said...

Yeah, when Ladd didn't have enough backup to try and intimidate people at the NRA AM in St. Louis, they did a no show.