Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ladd Everitt & CSGV Still Defending Genocide

In response to this statement made by me in reference to a tweet from (and later attempted to deny) a staffer at the CSGV:
“Commenter: So the Govt rounding up citizens based on Religion or Ethnic ID would not warrant armed resistance if courts bless as constitutional.

CSGV: Correct.

Just one of the many statements made by the CSGV in support of the American Dream. They later tried to deny this statement.”
Ladd Everitt responds:
 So you're saying you think you have a right to shoot our elected officials, cops and military service members when you disagree with decisions made by our courts?
 So in his attempt to try and redirect the topic away from his group's endorsement of historical events, all determined to be legal at the time, like the Japanese and Native American internments, Warsaw Ghetto, Soviet Gulags, or the Boer War camps, Ladd tries to expand the topic to ALL court cases since he knows he can't morally or ethically defend that statement. IOW, as long as the courts say it's OK, the CSGV would have no problems w/ the authorities busting in your door and rounding up all those untermenschen. You know, like 'right wing insurrectionists', mormons. or anyone Ladd just doesn't care for.

That's the CSGV American Dream in action.

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JTwig said...

What's sad is there are a lot of people that would agree with him, including some on the pro-gun side.

For every person who questions authority, there is another that nods their head and eagerly obeys, and two that lower their eyes and try not to get involved.

dustydog said...

I don't worry about Ladd Everritt coming for my guns.

I worry about the bullies who signed up for boring state or government jobs hoping for a sanctioned chance to hurt somebody.

People accept the weakest justification for doing what they already want to do.