Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And Yet Another Insurrectionist' For CSGV To Ignore On Their Timeline

GOP candidate threatened at gun point in West Joliet 

 JOLIET, IL - A Republican candidate for State House was threatened at gun point Tuesday when he was knocking on doors in West Joliet...
 The man "took out a gun and cocked it back in front of my face and said 'Get the f--- out of this neighborhood before I blow your head off," Alm reported.
 And I'm sure this individual was legally in possession of this firearm, right?  I'm sure he has a FOID card and an IL CCW license (oh wait, noone has one of those).  I'm also sure who he's going to vote for come election day.

 We know it won't be added to the 'Insurrectionist Timeline' because the candidate is 'right wing'. No matter how much Ladd Everitt and the CSGV denounce 'political violence' from 'any side', none from the 'left' ever end up on their website. Telling, isn't it?  This is the kind of violence that their rhetoric is enabling.

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AuricTech said...

It would appear that, between incidents like this and what passes for argument among RoP followers, we need to add an additional logical fallacy to the standard list:

Argument to Extermination (i.e., agree with me or I will kill you)

I take a cold comfort in seeing that the collectivists are freely admitting that their only convincing argument is brute force: I'm comforted by their tacit admission that reality is on our side, but I'm chilled by the fact that they seem eager to unleash brute force against those who oppose the idea of an omnipotent, omnipresent state. Even more chilling is the creepy insistence by the collectivists that The State is, by definition, omnibenevolent; therefore, any calls for limitations on the power of The State is automatically omnimalevolent. For an example, see this screen-cap from Our Nero Zero's Web site.

Old NFO said...

Good point!

Marc NRAevc IL10 said...

I take cold comfort in hearing them espouse violence against us, the presumably over armed supporters of the Second Amendment. If they resort to violence they will lose. If they don't resort to violence they will lose. Pretty stupid position to hold. Guess my comfort is warming up, as is my temper.They incredibly assume we want such things as one poster states " you would have only that (ccw) as a remedy to crime" Who promoted disbanding the police? Who despises them? Not us. Who spit on our returning troops? Not the GOP but the Dems! I'll never forget and never forgive that.