Monday, September 24, 2012

Carolyn McCarthy Seems Worried...

So she's appealing to her 'True Believer' base w/ all the buzz words sure to get a self-proclaimed 'progressive' to open their wallet (the only real goal of a politician).  'Tea Party', 'NRA', 'redefine rape', 'Ryan plan'... The works.
They've refused to pass common-sense gun control measures, a bipartisan compromise reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, or even a real jobs bill.
Instead, the Tea Party and their NRA friends are using all their energy to put lie-filled ads on our TVs and in our mailboxes.
There are only six weeks 'til Election Day. I need your help to get ads up to set the record straight every single time the NRA and other special interests attack me.
We need to keep our field offices running and supplied with enough resources to reach the 100,000 new voters in my district....
 My opponents are fighting each other to see who can be more radical, more extreme. Mark my words: if either wins, they 're going to vote for the Ryan plan, let the NRA set its own rules on gun control and let those who want to redefine rape take away our rights.
Just for those who don't know, here's Carolyn's idea of 'common-sense gun control':

So I think she has the right idea.  Make a donation to what you think should happen to her campaign.

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Phssthpok said...

Oh, there's been plenty of proposed 'common sense gun control' laws that have been been passed* in the last few years.

Magazine capacity restrictions? "pass"
Gun show loop holes closures? "pass"
One gun a month? "pass"
So-called 'assault weapon' bans? "pass"
Microstamping? "pass"
Terrorist watch-list purchase prohibition? "pass"

*(read: Passed up)

Robert Fowler said...

I'm sorry that her husband was killed. But come on, it's been almost 20 years, move on.

The idea that she's blaming me for something a nut case did just pisses me off. And yet the people keep re-electing the silly bitch.

I do get her e-mail updates. Some days I just need a good laugh. But I won't miss her when she's gone.