Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun With Craigslist Scammers

Got this email in regards to a Craigslist scammer I've been teasing:
 Hello Hiram ,
 I just got a notification from my financial that the paycheck has been
Delivered to your Address today via USPS courier services and here is
the USPS tracking number for the package (9101969010386898392464) and
you can  track it on ( Now that you have recieved my
check,Go ahead and deposit the check in your account and ask your bank
when the funds will be available in your
account to withdraw, Once you withdraw the cash from your bank, deduct
your selling amount for the item and also deduct extra $50 for your
running around and have the rest of the funds sent to the shipper
information below is western union money transfer (money Sent In
Minutes),You can locate western union outlet around your Area
ADDRESS:1135 N Fulton St
ZIPCODE: 93728
And after you might have sent the rest of the funds to the Shipper
Agent information via western union money transfer and Below are the
western union details You will need to get back to me with;
1}.Sender's name and address
2}.MTCN Number{10 digits control  number}
3}.Amount sent after deducting the transfer fee.
4}.A scanned copy of Western Union receipt
NOTE: Western Union charges should be deducted from the money.
I will be waiting to read back from you today as regard the western
union money transfer details,So that i can send payment confirmation
to the shipper and once they receive there payment, They will come to
your location for pick up of the item, So get back to me with the
western union details and the best time for the shipper to come for
the pick up at your location
 Now 'Hiram' would be Hiram Grau, Director of the Illinois State Police, who I had the scammer make the check out to.  It was actually delivered via USPS to the ISP's Springfield office.  Now this is AFTER I had responded w/ a link to a forum describing all the details of his little scam including the various email, names and other addresses he uses.

You'ld have to be stupider than dirt to fall for a scam from someone this dense. So, how should I respond?

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Tango said...

Respond however you want. Until someone actually falls for the scam, nobody will look at it from law enforcement. I baited them one time, got checks mailed to me, dumped them straight into a ziploc baggie, and called the SLC FBI office. "Yeah, since you didn't actually fall victim to it, we won't touch em." (paraphrased). So unless you yourself commit check fraud (because you KNEW it to be fake), there's no danger for them.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Dude, that's mean. Funny, though. Who knows. Maybe Hiram will have his people pay them a visit.

greg tag said...

I did this to a scammer based in England.

He paid me with counterfeit USPS 100 dollar money orders. The Postal Inspection Service asked me to send the fake MO's to them - thats they last I heard.

So they didnt get arrested , and they didnt get my money but they were out 17.50 Great British Pounds Sterling for the FedEx fee from London to Texas.

Anonymous said...

Contact the USPS postal inspector, not the FBI.

Smokey Behr said...

Here's your address...,-119.800268&spn=0.000628,0.001032&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=36.757268,-119.800268&panoid=nuF4_z_Ze3ybFUYCURDd-A&cbp=12,272.23,,0,0.12

You want egg roll with that scam?

Anonymous said...

This person is still at it in December of 2013. He tried to use same message and the same wire transfer name and address. He/she was going by Scott Gate this time. Clearly the check won't be cashed. I do wish someone would put a stop to this scam artist.

Anonymous said...

Still at it in May 2014. CASH CHECK AND WIRE MONEY for amount over the auction price for YOU to pay for shipping items to: Lorrie Rohrborn address: 811 N Ferger Ave, Fresno, CA 93728. This was a Craig's Listing I put on New River Valley/Blackburg, VA. Auction price was $500.00. They sent FAKE check for $2,350.99 on Republic Bank in Philadelphia signed by WOODROW WILSON. Fedx brought check from sender W. Hampton 5900 Broken Sand Pkwy NW Boca Raton, Fl 33487. Contact person is FAKE Jerome Zygner email used is BEWARE. I called FBI FTC Calderwood Gallery and Republic Bank. Getting phone calls now from encrypted phone numbers ie. 0000121233 or 0010000 or 0000000000. WV and TX area codes. Have been threaten with suit if I do not pay for the FEDX shipping charge to mail me the FAKE CHECK! LOL!