Monday, July 16, 2012

Just Stop Already

Back in '08, all over the lefty sites like Democratic Underground , they were squealing about how Bushitler was going to cancel elections, dissolve Congress and declare himself dictator for life.

We saw how accurate that prediction was. 

Now the same is happening from the other side. Two forwards received just today about how secret plans are in the works to declare a national emergency and cancel elections. All through super secret top level informants and using the US military.

The one that really just tweaked me had a bunch of guys going on about seeing Stryker combat vehicles stationed along highway w/ mounted M2's pointing at the highway. Comments going on about 'increased activity' etc.

Two things on that.

One:  The 'damning photo'?  A f&cking stock photo over 10 yrs old that took me about 10 seconds to find on Google. This is my shocked face.

Two: It's annual training season.  This is the time of year you ALWAYS see vehicles and convoys zipping around the highways and interstates.

But bottom line.  Seriously? Does anyone 'really' believe Obama has the support to pull off a military coup?

Let's say there really is some secret forces in the DHS planning a fake assassination attempt in order to instigate riots and declare 'martial law'. Let's say a number of hostile elements do go along w/ the plan and cause problems.  What do you think the majority of the military and public's response would be if he tries to cancel elections and make golfing his lifelong career?  I would say something like Endgame.

So just stop w/ the silliness and hyper-reactions to ridiculous claims.  It makes everyone look bad and the most vocal about it like idiots. There's enough real threats out there that we don't have to invent fake ones.

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Bob said...

The fringe on both Left and Right engage in this paranoia, it happened during the Clinton years, too. It's usually best ignored.

JTwig said...

Hopefully you mean it will be like Endgame, only with less aliens, telepaths, or mysterious healing devices. :)

I remember the Clinton years. It was my senior year of highschool, and my sister and her husband were freaking out after watching a video they had received from someone in their church detailing the government's plans neferious plans for the civilian population. Between that and Y2K they pretty much wiped out their entire 401K buying generators, food, and other survival supplies.

At the time I really didn't understand it, but now that I'm an adult and have a growing family of my own, I can understand what caused them to give into fear. I fight with it everyday.

Anonymous said...

Why cancel the election, when they can get David Frum Republicans to throw it for them?

Stephen said...

I don't know, Third Power. How do we know you're not really part of the plot, and your antagonistic banter with co-conspirator Ladd Everitt is nothing but a ploy to get us into your trust?

Last time I was at the airport I saw an awful lot of people in military uniforms milling around. Acting like they're just getting a Starbucks or a bite to eat, looking at arrival and departure boards like they're there going somewhere ... but I think we're too smart to be taken in by that, eh?

Old NFO said...

BOTH fringes are stoopid... sigh

Braden Lynch said...

Two thoughts:
1) It's OK to remind each and every administration that even having a wet dream about skipping elections and real Americans will END them.
2) The military will not support a Democrat, military-hating, dictator-wanna-be.

Chase said...

I am a gun-loving, domestic militia extremist, LIBERAL. And I admit, in 2008, I thought there was a good chance that a terrorist attack would happen and elections would be canceled. My plan was to melt into the woods and harry the Evil Army of Domestic Occupation with my compound bow.

Needless to say, I was pretty wacky, but I grew out of it.

The point is, it was silly then, and it's silly now.