Friday, July 20, 2012

Facts vs Politics

While the firearm rights advocates and groups are following the news and asking questions like:

What is the shooter's mental history?
Was he a prohibited person?
What type of firearms did he use?
Was the location a 'gun free zone'?

before we make final judgements outside of it being a tragedy, anti-gun advocates are putting out press releases before the bodies are even cold. They don't know any details beyond that there was a shooting but they want politicians to 'act':
Gun violence is preventable. It is long past time for policymakers at all levels to act.
How is it 'preventable'?  Well they'll determine that later depending on whatever talking point they can get momentum on. 'Assault Weapon', 'Assault Clip', 'Gun Show Loophole', 'Terror Gap'. It doesn't matter as long as they can express their outrage first and trying to make themselves seem 'mainstream'.  In reality, those 'over 30 organizations' consist of a few dozen people nationwide

So who are the ones that really care about preventing violence and who are the ones playing politics w/ a tragedy?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't help but remember... if he hadn't had access to guns... would he have wrapped his body in explosives studded with nails and rocks? Witnesses said he pretended to get a phone call and go out the emergency exit to arm up. Could he have just left the backback full of homemade plastque in the aisle next to his seat? Black swam fallacy, you simply CAN NOT stop someone who really, really wants to do harm. That's life... and unfortunately, death.