Friday, July 20, 2012

Here We Go Again. Colorado Shooting

Lunatic loaded for bear shoots up a Colorado movie theater showing the new Batman flick. Reports are 12 dead and 50 injured at this time w/ the suspect in custody. Reports also say he was wearing body armor and helmet and used a 'rifle', 'handguns', smoke and tear gas.

So we can expect the usual bleating from the anti's over this before any hard facts come out. Ban guns. CCW is useless. More restrictions. Stronger background checks. All the 'right wing's' fault. Insurrectionist.

Weer'd's post is here

Update1: According to this thread on DefensiveCarry, some of those theaters are 'gunfreezones'.

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Robert Fowler said...

Bloomberg has already been running his mouth. All of the haters will be out by noon. Every one of them will have the same solution, ban all guns.

Chase said...

I'm sort of in shock that someone would do this. There appears to be absolutely no motive whatsoever. What on Earth did anyone hope to accomplish by mass murder in a theater?

And yes, my other reaction is that there will be hysterical calls to ban firearms. I don't think that'll go anywhere though.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, I posted on this too...