Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gowder v Chicago Decision

From the NRA-ILA:
Fairfax, Va. – The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois ruled today that it is unconstitutional for Chicago to treat people with non-violent misdemeanor convictions the same as convicted felons.  The NRA-supported case, Gowder v. Chicago, involves plaintiff Shawn Gowder, who was convicted as a first-time offender for mere possession of a firearm in violation of Illinois law in 1995. His misdemeanor record did not block him from getting a state Firearm Owner’s Identification card, so he could still legally possess a gun in Illinois
So basically he had a gun w/o a FOID at one time.  This was originally a felony but that was reduced to misdemeanor under another court case. The city argued that Gowder was more likely to go on a killing spree since he had a misdemeanor on his record:
“Handgun purchasers with at least one misdemeanor conviction had a 7.5 times higher risk for a later offense,” the city wrote, citing a study that Gowder’s lawyers said was flawed.
“The study importantly concluded that convicted misdemeanants like Plaintiff, who choose to own weapons — exactly what Plaintiff desired to do — are at an increased risk for committing future violent crimes,” the city countered.
So strip people of their rights because of what they 'might' do.  That sounds very similar to the argument made my Elliot Fineman of the NG(V)AC that equates speeding w/ mass murder. That's the anti-gun way.

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