Thursday, June 21, 2012

Partisan Hacks

On CSGV's huffpo piece acting the apologist for the criminal actions of AG Holder, I commented on President Obama invoking 'Executive Privilege' and how he's protecting a political appointee.
Here was a response:
 wow--- of course if someone on FOX News said-- you parrot it. There are some communications you-GQ Public are not privy to. So you nor Isaa nor any other Right Winged extremist can't have access to nationally secure information.

get over yourself..
It's funny that I didn't even use a link to Fox nor were they the only people reporting it. I also wonder what makes me a 'Right Winged extremist and what element of F&F is relevant to 'national security'.

This, my readers, is a prime example of blind partisanship that is ruining our country one election at a time.  She obviously knows absolutely nothing about the issues but if it's done by what she perceives as the 'Right Wing', it's automatically bad.  The levels of hate and anger she displays are equally alarming, I bet she's a gun control advocate.

And she votes.  Don't you feel more secure in the future of our nation? 

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Pyrotek85 said...

It's so secret that the government won't tell itself? Isaa isn't GQ Public lol.

Cargosquid said...

But releasing info about hacking Iran, details about killing Osama Bin Laden, double agents from Yemen....

THAT'S ok.

Sigivald said...

She thinks Congress doesn't get to have access to National Security information for oversight?

Well, I guess she does ... as long as the President's a Democrat.

drjim said...

And she not only votes, she reproduces, and indoctrinates her children in the Ways Of The Liberal Elite.....

Braden Lynch said...

This is why Democrats can still win elections. They vote as a hive mind. Intelligence, information and facts, or logic are simply irrelevant. Only emotion and the party matter. It is very easy to deconstruct every liberal idea or policy and show the stupidity of them.

Meanwhile, many Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians will gladly attack their own, if they are lying or unethical bastards. We are more often the thinking, reflective individuals and less often purely partisan.