Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OGRE: Nihon Empire Update #1

 The Nihon Empire: Flag

At this point nothing is permanent or finalized. As Fire Mountain Games
(ogre (at) firem​ountaingame​ Walt ( uncommonogres (at) have noted (both w/ better, more efficient lists than I), we have not signed the release forms/contracts nor have any of the sheets been completed yet.  That being said:

I am not a designer, store owner, distributor or anything like that. I am just a gamer who wanted to do something to help enhance a game I've loved since I was a kid and decided to drop the money to invest in a custom sheet.  Talking w/ SJ (and totally geeking out w/ that I'll admit), we decided that Nihon would be a good addition.


The Nihon sheet will be similar to the Combine sheet from Kickstarter update #16. It will be Combine equipment captured or produced after the invasion of California and used in theatre or shipped elsewhere.  Colors will be white w/ the Rising Sun standard. Vehicles to be determined.  I may have a poll later on.

Pricing: Looking like $10 ea +sh. or less. Shipping is completely up in the air until we get more details on the physical layout of the sheets themselves.

Reserve Lists:  I am currently taking reservations (w.i reason) for the Nihon sheets.  Send email to thirdpower (at) This is completely non-binding w/ no pre-pay as it stands right now as I do not have the legal right to sell anything until all the paperwork is done. This is just calling DIBS for those die hards who will do just about anything to get more OGRE related stuff.Currently it is over 200.  :)

Mailing List: Same email as above.  I am not a techie and have little to no programming experience. The two above lists are much more 'professional' than this is going to be but I'll do my part.  I am linking it to this site because I am communicating w/ multiple audiences and it makes it a bit simpler.

NON-TENTATIVELY:  I ( and all the other sponsors) am looking forward to this just as much as all of you and will be working my @ss off to make this as good of a product as I can. 

TY for your patience.  I will send out updates as I can and make sure to keep an eye on the SJG forums for more info.  I will try and get to every email w/i as short amount of time as I can. It's all of you that are making this possible for me to do it.  Game On.

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JewelyaZ said...

How do we make reservations? If I can do it this way, I'd like two. Thanks!

MarbleMunkey said...

Just drop Thirdtruck an email. His email address is listed on his profile (click "View my complete profile" above).