Thursday, May 3, 2012

Libelous Ladd Everitt Strikes Again

Remember when Ladd Everitt reworded a post by blogger Anti-Tango in order to insinuate child abuse? Well it seems that seems to have become the standard at the CSGV offices.  In a case where a couple were incorrectly thought to be breaking into a home and held at gunpoint until police arrived, this is what 'Josh' had to say:
The tide turned quickly. Two days after the shooting, the Kalonjis and Samuel met with the Newton County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney. The charges against them were dropped.
 There was NO shooting.  So why did the CSGV write that?  Because they're inherently dishonest and need to inflame tensions in order to promote their agenda. Unsurprising when they have declared that facts don't matter.

And just in case some more editing occurs, here's the screencap:

Update:  Editing complete.  The wording has been changed.

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1 comment:

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Good thing you were quick with the screen capture--Josh was almost as quick with the editing. Now, it's "Two days after the incident."

No note of the retraction, or apology, of course.