Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Advertising

You really have to love anti-gunners. In their hatred and disgust, they're some of the best salesman one could ask for.

 Last month, the CSGV, Media Matters and other Joyce puppets went on a rampageagainst hoodies.  A few weeks later at the NRA convention, they were backordered nearly two months they'ld gotten so many orders.

Josh Sugarmann, in an attempt to demonize CCW guns, reposted numerous advertisements for them, informing several firearm owners of new options.

Now the CSGV doubles down on their stupid by offering GLOCK some free advertising on Twitter and FB.  

"Don't throw me into that there briar patch Br'er Bear"...

These people really are that dense.

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1 comment:

Robert Fowler said...

So Gunny is a board member of the NRA. So what? He's also a actor and does these endorsements as part of his living. The dipshit that is Baldr doesn't have a clue. They have me blocked on facebook, I liked their page but I am not allowed to comment. Funny how that works.