Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gun Show AAR

Got back from the show a few hours ago. Got things out of the hippie-mobile, back into their storage and totals figured.

Overall it was considerably slower than the same show I did if Feb. About 30% less in sales but I still did really well.  Attendance was easily over a thousand.  No single item was a big seller.  A bit of everything, books, uniforms, flags, toys, etc.  

Some of the highlights:
 Had several people come up and remark that they read DOOT. It is definitely an ego booster when someone comes up and says "Hey, you're the guy who writes Days of Our Trailers.  I read you all the time.  "   They got 10% off.  :)
Rides in WWII US vehicles and an airgun range for the kids were two popular attractions. 
The show hosts signed up about 2 doz. NRA members, about half and half new/renewals. Talked to one of the new members on why she decided to join. Her one word answer:  'Politics'. 
One of the other vendors who only deals in uniforms as a sideline offered to sell me what I need at a really low cost so I think they'll be one of my regular suppliers. Makes my life much easier.
Lots of vendor horse-trading. I swapped some .32 ACP ammo I no longer needed for some 38 spec. and a couple packages of A-zoom snap caps for the AK/SKS and AR. Also picked up a case of 7.62x39 Wolf Military Classic (148gr FMJ) for a decent price. A few other odds and ends were found one of which will be a post possibly tomorrow.

To answer some of the commentors from the last post:
I exorcized the Prius of hippie carma when I bought it.  She is adorned w/ numerous NRA, ISRA, and DOOT stickers and will happily carry firearms w/o danger of a matter/anti-matter-esque reaction. An Appleseed sticker will be being added as soon as I clean off the back glass.

Overall a profitable and fun weekend.  Next one from this organizer is in September. 

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