Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Super' Tuesday

Like there was ever any doubt it Mitt-ens was going to win. He was the GOP’s choice from day one. That’s why they kept him ‘#2′ all last year while the press destroyed ‘frontrunner’ after ‘frontrunner’.

Now they’re running the primaries like we actually have a choice and there might be some competition but in reality the decision's already . Just like when Durbin decided who was going to be the Lt. Gov. candidate for the DNC in opposition to the voters decision.

Is that cynical? Yep. I have lost almost all faith in the political system in the country and I have my doubts it can be fixed.

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Ken said...

I don't like Romney, but the fact is that he isn't winning because he's the "GOP's choice," unless by the GOP you mean the actual voters in the primaries and caucuses. At least unlike McCain, I don't believe he'd be behind without Democrat crossovers--I could be wrong, but I don't believe I am.

It's particularly unfair for you to use Durbin, a member of the opposite party, as evidence of wrongdoing by the GOP. That's in the same bracket as Ladd Everitt using murderers to indict gun owners for murder.

FWIW, Romney has been more fair than establishment GOP usually are. He hasn't said he wouldn't support Santorum or Gingrich, the way Mike Castle said he wouldn't support Christine O'Donnell or the way Dole's gofers said they'd support Clinton over Buchanan.

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER vote for Nitwitt Romney. He's a big government pagan liberal anti-gunner who will sell out the conservatives first chance he gets. He will be just like Odumbo on most issues and will continue the destuction of Ameica.

Ken said...

Anonymous, are you a Moby? I ask because (1) you include "pagan" in your criticism, as if you think you're speaking to Kentucky snake handlers; and (2) you misspell two words, which Mobys often do in their attempt to denigrate conservatives.

James Nelson said...

I can't vote for either Romney or Obama, I don't see enough difference between them.
It doesn't really matter though because we are not voting ourselves out of this mess. Any candidate that honestly laid out what is before us and what it would take to get to the other side of it wouldn't get more than 3% to 5% of the vote.
And that candidate would have to be several orders of magnitude less naive about the world than Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nelson,

Do you even understand the philosophies that Ron Paul discusses? Have you ever studied economics? I do not mean mainstream American economics. Do you understand what an actual capitalist economy is? Do you know what a welfare state is? Do you know why this country is bankrupt? Do you know why this country has turned into a police state with an almost complete usurpation of individual rights? Do you comprehend the relationship between economic freedom and personal freedom and/or liberty? I bet you don't, but I guarantee you Ron Paul does. I suggest you stop obtaining your propaganda disguised as intellect from the mass media in this country and try to think for yourself.