Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lots More Surplus & More in Stock

Been finding some good deals and expanding the inventory. I've got more sizes in stock for ACU/BDU uniforms and caps. All items are available in the Surplus for Sale and Books, Flags & More pages.

US AirForce ADU/TigerStripe II
Condition: Used, Very Good
Size(#): 7 1/4(2), 7 1/2(1)

$10 ea.

Authentic Chinese PLA Tibet-Tarn
Condition: Used, Very Good
Size(#): 7 1/4(2), 7 1/2(2), 7 3/4(2)

$8 ea

Propper Multicam Cap & Boonie
Condition: New, Unused

Size(#): 7 1/2(2), 7 3/4(1)

$18 ea


Size(#): 7 1/2L(1)


US Army Desert Storm 5-Color/Chocolate Chip Top
Condition: Used, Very Good
Size(#): L/L(1)


US Army LongCoat
Condition: Used, Like New
Size: 41R


CAMO-FORM Non-stick camo wrap (ACU)

Sells for $15+ at outlet stores

20 Rolls


'Am I the the only person on the planet that didn't get guns from the ATF' T-Shirt

Lg(1), XL(3), 2XL(3)

$18 ea.

'Militia of One' Tshirt

Med.(2), Lg(3), XL(2), 2XL(2)

$18 ea.

'Flex Your Rights' Videos

Busted (5 copies)

10 Rules for Dealing w/ Police (4 copies)

$15 ea.

Unorganized Militia Gear
Unorganized Militia Gear
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Unorganized Militia Gear


barece said...

I'm interested in picking up some BDU items. Any chance you take cards in some fashion(paypal, etc?)

Thirdpower said...

I do accept PP.

Send me an email for what you're interested in so I can figure out shipping and the total.

Anonymous said...

I'd like about eight rolls of the camo tape. How do we do the deal?

Thirdpower said...

Send me an Email :

8 rolls plus flat rate shipping: $60.

I accept check/MO/Paypal