Friday, March 9, 2012

@CSGV's Latest Target: Eddie Eagle

Well it looks like Ladd Everitt just discovered the NRA page on Eddie Eagle and it got his panties all bunched up.Eddie Eagle must be an 'insurrectionist'. So I asked them and the one who retweeted this who would be prosecuted/jailed for failing to report a stolen EE costume since that is the goal behind 'mandatory reporting' laws.

Still no answer.

Ladd then doubles down on the stupid:

Again, one wonders where the NRA is calling for criminal penalties for not safely storing a EE costume. But it gets better.

That's right. Ladd would prefer children handle firearms while unsupervised than be taught not to by the NRA. That's what it boils down to right there. They oppose the Eddie Eagle safety training BECAUSE it's by the NRA no matter the number of children who could be hurt or killed because they didn't receive the message of the program. But they'ld light a candle in those children's honor afterwards.

These are some seriously mentally deranged people that we're dealing w/. That Joyce Foundation money is being well spent.

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BobG said...

Sort of like someone who can't swim thrashing around in the water for anything they can get their hands on.

Weer'd Beard said...

Eddie Eagle is the Enemy!

First he's a friendly and common sense face of the NRA, they HATE that.

Second he teaches good and effective safety skills which saves kids lives.

You see when young kids die in gun accidents they can not only dance in the blood, but demand lawful citizens give up their guns.

TS said...

Keep running with it Ladd:

“The NRA supports mandatory fitness guidelines for Eddie the Eagle, but opposes a national ban on fatty foods.”

“The NRA mandates Eddie the Eagle not use obscenities, but opposes national censorship.”

“The NRA requires Eddie the Eagle to undress in private, but does not oppose strip clubs.”

“The NRA does not allow Eddie the Eagle to speak, isn’t this denying his 1A rights? LOL.”

“The NRA requires Eddie the Eagle to always wear a red vest and white high tops, but does not support a national dress code.”

“The NRA requires Eddie Eagle to always be accompanied by an appropriate law enforcement or crime prevention escort, yet supports right to privacy.”

“The NRA requires Eddie the Eagle to be 5’5” to 6’ in height, yet opposes the genocide of people who fall outside the norm.”

Robert Fowler said...

The longer they are around, the more pathetic they get. They must be using that Joyce money to buy kool-aide by the 55 gallon drum.