Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sarah Brady Wept

Day 2 of the Gun Show. I actually found a few minutes to walk around today. Raffles, Door Prizes, hundreds of people, lots of them w/ brand new NRA hats. Talked to one of the vendors who did my transfers for me, Miller Guns. They told me they had sold over 50 firearms by mid-day today. And this venue was half the size of what this show normally uses because the mall was renovating.

Excluding the firearm sales, I did about as well as I did yesterday. Lots of Army toys, surplus, patches and other 'insurrectionist' materials flew off the table. Definitely will be attending the 3 day show in April.

Over the next couple of days I'll work on updating the Surplus for Sale page and figuring out what I need to restock for the next planned event (Mall Fleamarket Weekend) at the end of March.

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Anonymous said...

Saw your booth on Saturday, but did not have a chance to say hello. Glad to hear you and the other vendors did well. My flag collecting brother looked hard at the Serapis flag you had, but I couldn't talk him into it! Maybe he will let loose of the money in March?