Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Phallic Obsessions

When PuSH'ers are shown to be losing and losing bad, they often resort to comments regarding genitalia. This used to be limited to the 'rank-and-file's' but has now entered the vernacular of their paid and/or professional leadership (and I use those two words loosely):

Amend: Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just scared when you see me??

It's unlawful to order coffee naked and your gun should not be exposed. Instead let's compromise - conceal your junk following a NICS check.

The 's "Hold the One You Love" campaign

Telling, isn't it? Male, female, it doesn't matter. They are obsessed w/ our genitalia. And these aren't quotes for 20+ years ago like Ladd likes to use on his 'MeettheNRA' site, this was yesterday and today. These are the people that DEMAND we accept their 'reasonable, common-sense' solutions to 'gun violence' (in reality 'gun ownership) while they are unable to get their minds out of our pants.

Does that make any 'common sense' to you?

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Sigivald said...

It's unlawful to order coffee naked

That's not uniformly true, either.

(Though I agree it's bad form unless you're at a nudist colony or nude beach or something.)

Then again, I also agree that your gun typically shouldn't be exposed - but since they oppose concealed carry I suspect they're not advocating it as an alternative.

HerrBGone said...

They are just jealous that we still have ours. Guns - we still have our guns...