Monday, February 13, 2012

Kenneth Quinnell: Super Genius

What does a self-professed genius do when questioned by the unwashed masses? Just dismiss them as irrelevant.
There’s no deafening silence based on my being stumped. All I’m seeing here are the same things that I’m talking about, so why respond to them?
He's scientifically proven all pro-rights arguments are faulty so why bother, right? How convenient. But that didn't deter LegalEagle45 who responds w/ more evidence to be ignored:

Mr Quinell
I do not believe that my reply contained any ad hominem attacks, anecdotal evidence, conflation of gun crime and non-gun crime, conspiracy thinking, elevated ego, false irrelevancy, geographical nonsense, Godwin’s rule, "If you outlaw guns, only criminals will have guns", reinventing the wheel, source hypocrisy, source rejection, or "You’ll never stop criminals from getting guns, so gun control laws are ineffective".
That leaves "fictional constitutional rights" as your only possible complaint as to my post. Yet, I provided records from the Continental Congress, The Federalist Papers and quotes from the dissenting opinions in DC v Heller to support my views. You have provided nothing to support your views. Why is that?
I specifically object to your unsupported assertion that the term "well regulated," "explicitly authorize gun control". Can you provide any case law whatsoever to support the contention that the 2nd Amend provides a specific grant of authority to the government to pass gun control legislation? Not a case that says a certain gun control law does not violate the 2nd Amend, but a case where the law is justified by virtue of a grant of authority to government found in the 2nd Amend. I would love to see such a case because what I was taught in law school is that the entire Bill of Rights acts as a restriction upon governmental authority and not as a grant of governmental authority.
I would also like you to explain this paragraph:
"Consuming a single apple every day can help to alleviate problems with constipation. Apples contain natural phytochemicals which are cited as a natural remedy and preventive measure against certain types of cancers, including cancer of the colon too. The entire apple should be consumed, skin and all, since the rich red skin contains the most phytochemicals. Apples also naturally contain insoluble fiber so that you can have a well regulated digestive tract."
Is it your contention that the insoluble fiber in apples pass legislation concerning your digestive tract so that after eating same, your digestive tract is subject to gun control laws?
In short, your explanation as to your failure to respond to my post seems hollow and evasive. I am sure any neutral reader of this blog would agree.
Respectfully, Legaleagle_45
Everytime I read Quinnell's posts, I just hear the whistling sound before Wile E. hits the ground.

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Linoge said...

Looks like he has shut down comments over there.

I am not surprised.