Monday, February 14, 2011

Why They Resort To 'Reasoned Discourse"*

Weer'd notes a highly ironic quote by our latest punching bag and Joyce Puppet over his belief that the lack of support for gun control is due to 'astro-turfing'.

So I popped on over to his blog and asked him a question about what he thought of political advocacy leaders posting as 'regular people' w/o acknowledging their connections. Well he apparently realized that it was a set up and refused to post the comment. Why? Because if he openly opposed it, then I would have had to have brought up some interesting bits of history of gun control.

Marsha McCartney: Texas Brady Campaign/MMM board member who posted on the old Brady Blog as 'Macca' yet vehemently denied she was associated w/ them.

Grits Jr.: CSGV employee caught using his boss' login after years of commenting obsequiously on various posts and editorials.

Dennis Henigan: While complaining that pro-gun supporters were trying to bury his book in Amazon reviews, a little research showed 1/3rd of the 5 star reviews were by professional gun control advocates. That continues.

And they still can't gather enough momentum to get more than 10 supporters on their own sites.

The truth hurts.

* For my newer readers, the term comes from when the Brady Campaign used to allow comments on their site. After several months of pro-rights individuals outnumbering their own people 10:1 and it being referred to as 'the best place for pro-gun information on the net', they started a series called 'Reasoned Discourse' allegedly highlighting how mean all us gunnies were. We immediately started wondering when they would shut down comments. It was a matter of days. They later went back and deleted all the comments.

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Weer'd Beard said...

And of course we must note that Baldr himself is directly affiliated with the Joyce foundation, tho he feigned ignorance of this connection in my comments section.

He might be unaware of the connection, but then again all people one degree or more removed from Brady or Joyce has initially denied their connection. Joan attempted that too in the early days of her blog.

I could assume ignorance, but that would go against the MO of the puppets.

Cargosquid said...

I wonder when japete will realize that her blog has become an example of the inanity of the gun control crowd. I've directed those on the fence about "reasonable" gun laws to the site and they come back supporting us....

Baldr's posts about the poll will also become an example to use.

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