Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Textbook Fudd

While 'Media Matters' does what they're paid to do by the Joyce Foundation, one of the comments shows just how gun control got passed. An alleged "lifelong hunter, shooter, and gun owner. " who is willing to throw millions of other firearm owners under the bus as long as he can use his 'huntin' guns (AKA 'Fudd'). Let's take a look at his statements:
What I would personally like to see is for the entire 2nd Amendment be applied. I specifically mean the part about a "well regulated militia".
IOW, someone doesn't keep up w/ the news.
Such a militia would require gun owners to undergo training and submit to periodic inspections of their fitness and suitability to possess firearms.
Since he's already proven he is ignorant, he would fail.
I would also support a move to adopt a policy, like many European countries, that forbids the unregulated private ownership of firearms or ammunition used by military forces.
Kind of like Mexico does. Hope he likes hunting w. .22lr. since that Remington 700 (AKA the M24 Sniper Weapon System) uses 'military caliber' as do most of his 'huntin guns'.
Those men who adopted the 2nd Amendment could not imagine, in their darkest nightmares, the amount of firepower one person can carry using modern weapons.
Even though several of them were scientists and inventors and created one of the most progressive governments known to man, none of them could ever have imagined technological advances.

This is the kind of person that IANSA touted when they were promoting the Australian gun bans and the people that made up the anti-gun front group American Hunters and Shooters Assoc. It is also why we refer to this type of person as a 'Fudd'. He's as ignorant and stupid as the cartoon character w/ no idea he's being used as a tool by the gun control fanatics w/ his selfish behavior.

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Anonymous said...

Your assuming its not a false flag type comment. Not that there are not true Fudds out there but we have enough malice as well as ignorance to sift out which is which.

Divemedic said...

The first machine gun was invented in 1718 (the Puckle Defense gun). I think they knew.

If you read a book called "George Washington's Private Navy" you will see that private citizens used to own warships, complete with cannon and armed boarding parties.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm with Annon. I know a few people who are liberal gun owners who are only comfortable using guns for hunting, and don't own handguns.

Still even they know the anti-rights cult is out for all of us, and leave us defensive shooters alone.

Still talking to the guys who run CCW classes and hanging out at gun shops, I think there are more gun owners like myself who keep a handgun or long gun for defense and/or carry, but don't have too much interest in ducks and deer.

Anonymous said...

22lr would be out too. The U.S. Navy, among other, uses it for training.