Monday, October 24, 2011

Denial is a Deep Flowing River in @CSGV land

Ladd Everitt on the fact that an expensive licensing system disproportionally issues to Caucasians:
Do you have any actual evidence that African-Americans are attempting to get concealed handgun permits in North Carolina and being denied because the process is “expensive” and “onerous”?
So in New York, North Carolina, Chicago and every else they have expensive, restrictive and/or arbitrary firearm licensing systems, his argument is that African-Americans just don't want guns sometimes to the point of zero.

How convenient.

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J.R. said...

So he thinks non-whites are so retarded, they will apply for permits with total disregard to their affordability?

Divemedic said...

That position is ridiculous. So now a $90 concealed weapons permit does not discriminate against the poor and against minorities, but requiring a $10 picture ID for voting does?

Sean D Sorrentino said...

@Divemedic: DING DING DING. You wins two internets.

I told him that if it was anything other the CHPs, he'd be the one screaming "Racism!"

Weer'd Beard said...

Or notice that any place that that has a disproportionate amount of Blacks or Hispanics and the power to change restrictions for an area has some of the most restrictive gun laws. (Or Philadelphia where they legally can't, but do anyway)

You can't get a carry permit in Jamaica Plain Boston (which is probably 80-90% black and Hispanic) unless you're a personal friend with the mayor. But the Lilly-white town I live in the permits are shall-issue. The mostly Hispanic town right next door suddenly the permits are a bitch again.

California if you live in LA or Sacramento where all the minorities live the permits are a pain, but if you live in the Lilly-white north, suddenly the permits are shall-issue.

Also I remember reading that the $5 pistol permit that North Carolina still requires to buy a handgun was specifically chosen because $5 was the average weekly paycheck for a Black Freeman working in NC during reconstruction.

And not only is that Jim Crow law still in effect today, and if somebody made an argument that with the NICS system, not to mention the racist history of the law, its no longer needed...Guess which groups would cry foul?

Jacob said...

Back when David Dinkins was NYC Mayor there was a scandal in the NYPD where ~99% of black applicants applying for a pistol license were denied.

Braden Lynch said...

How about we treat all Americans equally and charge nothing for a permit? Better yet, it should be a "Shall Issue" situtation, if you want to be a color-blind society.
However, it depends on the issuing criteria, so it could still be indirectly racist.

Even better, Constitutional-Carry that does not have any economic burden and no racist issues.

So, one could argue that if you are against Constitutional-Carry, maybe you're a racist...

Linoge said...

Apparently Ladd believes that bringing back a poll tax would not cause any minorities to refrain from voting due to "expensive" and "onerous" impositions.

Good for him. The Supreme Court believes and has stated otherwise.

Likewise, I guess Laddy-boy has never heard of the concept that "a right delayed is a right denied"... and charging someone to exercise that right is definitely a "delay".

Oh well. Good thing we had folks like MLK to set misguided fools like Everitt on the right path.