Friday, August 26, 2011

Unicorn Farts and Gumdrop Turds

We should ban guns because I don't like them. Then the world will be perfect.


Of course, that's why we win.

UPDATE: Reasoned Discourse strikes. Such strong convictions in their beliefs.

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45er said...

Oh, you're killing me. I just had to go there and then because of the pure irrationality just had to comment.

Unicorn farts indeed. I believe that blog is powered by bunny farts and rainbows.

Anonymous said...

She has her head up her ...!

greenmeanie said...

Owww, my head hurts....

I can't form ANY thoughts, much less "Clear Quiet Thoughts", after that one!

Linoge said...

Hey, she was good for one thing - mega-post fodder!

Divemedic said...

All of these people who advocate banning guns to promote peace never seem to answer one question:

How are you going to take the guns from people, without resorting to violence? Government initiated violence, but violence nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Miss Marcia thinks about enlightenment via smoking marijuana. It appears as if her ideologies are starkly reminiscent of the flower child and smoking dope mentality of the 1960s.

She would assimilate well with the residents of California. There they aim to control the people completely by getting them stoned and stealing their guns.

BobG said...

Another reality-impaired ignoramus; anyone with an IQ that low isn't worth arguing with.