Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Small Step For Illinoisians, One Giant Leap For Re-Enactors

IL Gov. Quinn temporarily removed his head from his derriere and signed HB-143 allowing Military Re-Enactors to possess SBR's.

More at Illinois Carry.

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Chas said...

The thinking that the length of a man's gun barrel is the business of the federal government, is the same kind of thinking that's gotten us 15 trillion dollars into debt. Despite that, there is no existing regulation that the political left is willing to back off from. Nothing. 15 trillion in debt, and not one federal regulation that they are willing to back down on. They literally will not give an inch on the length of gun barrels to be regulated.
One can only assume that they want the debt to become worse. If they have the goal of destroying the freedom of capitalist America, and replacing it with a repressive totalitarian regime, they are proceeding according to plan.