Monday, August 22, 2011

Dennis Henigan Just Makes Things Up

What do you do when the facts don't fit your talking points? Just make up more nonsense while holding your ears.
most Americans were appalled by the sight of guns openly carried by protesters at presidential speaking events and town hall forums on the health care issue
No. I remember media heavily editing footage to make it into a racial issue.
a gun could easily drop to the ground or be taken from him
Yeah, which is why all his security is armed. We've heard this used against any form of armed self defense. Still is a myth.
the presence of guns, even carried by well-meaning, law-abiding citizens, increases the risk that arguments and conflicts will escalate to lethal violence.
Which is why it isn't happening anywhere CCW is allowed.
It is the same reason that our national parks are less safe
Evidence? None.
our streets, restaurants and coffee houses are less safe in states that have made concealed carry easier.
Which is why there are all these coffee house shootings. Oh wait.
It is the reason that college campuses remain far safer than the gun-saturated communities that surround them,
Yet the colleges that DO allow CCW haven't seen any spikes in crime after relaxing the rules.

The Brady Campaign and every other 'gun control' group know they can't support their assertions but will keep repeating them anyway w/ the occasional anecdote thrown is as 'proof'. Fear mongering at its finest.

All the while the 6 million + CCW holders and tens of millions of legal firearm owners carry on w/ their daily lives not committing any crimes and marching ahead to make Dennis look for a new job.

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Weer'd Beard said...

If they had any valid arguments for disarming Americans they would have done it DECADES ago.

It's not like guns have changed much at all in that time. I mean I carry a 1911 for fuck's sake!

Robert Fowler said...

I carry my 1911 with a full mag, one in the pipe and cocked and locked. My answer to the anti's that say it will be taken from me and used against me. It's possible. But they will have to beat me to death with it because it will be empty.

It seems funny that in the 36 years that I have carried a gun, I have never once dropped one, lost one or committed a crime. There has been plenty of opportunity. Hell, I go to the bank every couple of weeks. I'm in convenience stores several times a week. I guess common sense and the fear of prison keep me in line. Not that I'm afraid oof prison per-se, I just like my freedom.