Saturday, August 20, 2011

Surplus For Sale

Chinese Headgear and storage bags along w/ some added sizes of items. All items listed will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate unless other arrangements are made so cost will depend on how much is ordered. Leave a comment or e-mail ( if interested. And don't forget your Unorganized Militia Patches, Stickers and Pins. More Surplus available here.

Chinese PLA Mountain Camo Field Cap
Condition: Used, Very Good
Sizes(#): 7 1/4 (2), 7 1/2 (2)

$8 ea.

Swedish Duffle/Tent Bag 24" x 9"
Condition: Used, Good.
# Available: 12

$7 ea

Colors vary from Grey to Tan

East German Rain Camo Storage Bag 36" x 18" Drawstring
Condition: New, Very Good

# Available : 2

$8 ea.

US Army Green Socks are also available in LARGE size.

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