Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fear, not Facts, Drives the Anti-Gun Agenda

The PEG-Heads and Brady-bots are squeaking about an editorial claiming that Open Carry is causing Murder and Mayhem in Maine.

Except the Authorized Journalists can't actually point to any actual problems being caused outside their own PSH. Only what they choose to believe 'might' happen w/ the same tired meme's we've heard from the beginning:
When that person walks through the door, how can customers tell if the person bearing the weapon is a potential rescuer or killer?
Well, if he walks in the door and starts shooting people, he's a killer and a 'No Guns Allowed' sign won't stop him no matter how many unicorn farts you release. If he grabs a cart and heads toward the dairy aisle, you can unpucker.

There, wasn't that simple?

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Robb Allen said...

"If a black man walks in, how can you tell he's there to shop and not rape your daughters?"

That's the level of bigotry these people have devolved to.

Pyrotek85 said...

Lol this is getting ridiculous. How do they know that the guy who just walked in who doesn't have a weapon displayed isn't hiding one somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Simple, a potential killer will not openly display his weapon until he is ready to commit the illegal atrocity. He is counting on the element of surprise to successfully consummate his dastardly deed.

Anonymous said...

These same people would tell you that any immediate discomfort from gun control is just, "growing pains," yet they waste no time hyping any adjustment period as the apocalypse.

Chas said...

"When that person walks through the door, how can customers tell if the person bearing the weapon is a potential rescuer or killer?"

Well, if you're one of the defenseless sheeple, there's nothing that you can do about it either way, so there is no point in trying to "tell" one way or another. As one of the sheeple, you've already made the decision to hand over control of your life to anyone who comes along with a gun, so there you are, right where you've put yourself, hope you're happy with your decision.
On the other hand, if you're armed, then you know that there's nothing for you to do, since he's minding his own business and not threatening anyone. You're glad to see a fellow armed citizen who supports the right to keep and bear arms, so you just smile, nod, and say "Hi".
It’s a self-resolving issue, really.