Friday, August 19, 2011

Joyce Foundation Puppets Hate the NRA, Love the UN

The VPC (funded by the Joyce Foundation) and CSGV (funded by the Joyce Foundation) are giddy over an NRA recruiting phone call being reported by Media Matters (funded by the Joyce Foundation).

The Joyces are decrying the rhetoric used over the coming UN Arms Trade Treaty. Media Matters relies on an Oxfam rep. to dispute the claims. Oxfam BTW is a member of IANSA which seeks to restrict everything but single shot .22's and shotguns to civilian ownership.

Kind of reminds me of another marketing e-mail just sent out by the Brady Campaign.

But all I have to say about trusting the UN w/ civilian firearm ownership is this. A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is the sculpture that's outside the UN building. Do YOU think we should trust them to be 'responsible' w/ a firearms treaty?

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1 comment:

Chas said...

I've long advocated sawing off the barrel on that sculpture and remounting the front sight on it to make it into a representation of a snubbie suitable for self-defense. Nice of the sculptor to leave enough undamaged barrel for that purpose, to allow for restoring the appearance of functionality to it.
However, even as is, it's still useful to us, since it does serve as a warning of the dysfunctionality of defenselessness that the U.N. wants to impose on us. One should also take note that it represents a U.S. made firearm, intended for civilian use, and as such, stands before that club for governments that is the U.N., as a symbol of their desire to impose forceful disarmament on private citizens worldwide, including in the U.S. Pretty ugly, isn't it? Got a really, really big hacksaw? ;)