Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quote(s) for the day

What's better than spanking the antis with their own words? What's better than making them look absolutely bonkers? What's better than using facts, logic and a bit of wit to expose their huge pile of fail?

Uh.....when they do it all by themselves. Here's a comment and the most pathetic attempt at a supportive reply that I've seen in at least an hour.

Comments seen on HuffPo:

"If I'm killed by a drug dealer, will the NRA care about MY (lost forever) constition­al rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness being infringed upon?"

"That depends, would you be in your mothers fetus at the time?"

Seriously folks, there comes a time when observing the stupidity of others turns from mild entertainment into something which kinda freaks me out.

*Tee hee.......sigh..........shudder

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1 comment:

Robert Fowler said...

I read a few of the comments. The anti's must not have a lick of common sense. They want the Perz and the ATF to enact gun control without going through the legislative processes. I guess they want to live in a tyranny.

It's just too easy to show they idiots for the fools they are.