Friday, August 5, 2011

Has it been 5 years already?

The County Sheriff’s office was kind enough to snail mail me a reminder that my Oregon Concealed Handgun License was going to expire soon and that I needed to renew it.

So that’s what I did today.

Showed up at the courthouse room 317 and stood both behind and in front of someone else doing the exact same thing. The nice cop lady processing the paperwork was an ABSOLUTE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could tell she was a strong proponent of concealed carry based on the informal banter between her and the dude in front of me. I smiled and laughed a bit at some of their exchanges. There’s a raw sorta something about LEO’s and Joe-Shmoes conversing about guns, carry options and ballistics that made me lower my paperwork in front of my ever-growing chubber. I waited a total of 10 minutes for my turn and I spent that time reflecting on all my time invested on countering the antis, posting here on DOOT and just the whole concept of what it really means to fight a cold war, politically, instead of a hot one, literally.

After the nice cop lady finished with the dude in front of me, she smiled at me and said, “The same thing?”

I smiled back and simply said, “You betcha, this is my first renewal so be gentle with me.” She laughed and said, “excellent.”

I filled out the forms, I paid the $50 and got my photograph updated.

Nice cop lady gave me a temporary permit until my next 5 year installment of freedom shows up in the snail mail.

I don’t think that I need to coax Thirdpower to fight for the last spot on the totem pole as a resident of Illinois; but a friendly reminder that most of the rest of us can do this as a routine measure should agitate him “just enough” to justify some good-natured friendly ribbing from me.

Thirdpower, your State is the last one.

We’re rooting for you……….but we’re doing it while standing in line and renewing our CCW permits.

Join us.

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mdev said...

Gois for you I just got my Oregon renewal as well unfortunately I recently moved to Washington state so my renewal is actually going to be a application for a new non resident card. Oddly enough it came addressed to my new address

J.R. said...

May be busting your chops, but are you matching that $50 with a donation to SAF/NRA/whatever in order to eliminate the RTBA infringement tax?

Chas said...

How come the Second Amendment doesn't say anything about a five-year plan? Oh, that's the anti-constitutional commies limiting our freedom because they haven't been able take it away completely yet.

Chas said...

Why do we have a system that's a cross between the US Constitution and communism? Are we living in the US/USSR?
This freedom on a five-year plan crap has to go.

kaveman said...

"May be busting your chops, but are you matching that $50 with a donation to SAF/NRA/whatever in order to eliminate the RTBA infringement tax?"

I support both orgs and more, heavily. No worries.

Hans (in New Jersey) said...

Not quite the last.

Unknown said...

You get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you go into a room with like minded people like yourself. The Marion county office is like that as well.