Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winter Surplus for Sale

It's never to soon to start preparing for Winter. All items listed will be shipped via USPS Flat Rate unless other arrangements are made so cost will depend on how much is ordered. Leave a comment or e-mail ( if interested. And don't forget your Unorganized Militia Patches, Stickers and Pins. More Surplus available here.

Belgian Winter Coat Liner
Condition: New, Unused
Size(#): Large (2)


US Army Lightweight Thermal Top
Condition: New, Unused (honest :) )
Size(#): Large (1)


US Army Light & Med. Weight Thermal Bottoms
Condition: New, Unused
Sizes(#): Lightweight Large(2), Med. Weight(1)

$8 ea.

German Winter Camo Poncho
Condition: New, Unused
2 Available

$10 ea.

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