Friday, April 15, 2011

PuSH'ers Dropping the Ball

Gun Banners in Illinois did their push for a mag ban in Illinois. It got stuck into committee for a bit and the PuSH'ers didn't say a word. Currently on 'reading' but w/ no traction. It appears that the drive for CCW is so strong here, they don't have enough resources to lobby both issues.

Sucks to be them.

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Dannytheman said...

Keep the pressure on!! Squeaky wheel gets the oil! Keep making noise!!!

Chas said...

Sucks to be them, but it doesn't suck enough. I want reparations for the decades of abuse the anti's heaped on me and millions of other gun owners in the pre-Heller years and even since! They owe us an apology. We can discuss monetary damages later.
In the meantime we need to work on criminalizing organized subversion of the RKBA. The Second Amendment needs some teeth. Fines and imprisonment, just as the anti's have arranged to have heaped on gun owners, would be a good exercise in justice for them.