Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Just One

I'm just one of a half a dozen gun bloggers in Illinois.

I'm just one of hundreds of dedicated activists across the state.

I'm just one of thousands of attendees at IGOLD every year.

I'm just one of tens of thousands of members of ISRA,IllinoisCarry,GunsSaveLife, etc.

I'm just one of hundreds of thousands of firearm owners in Illinois.

I'm just one of millions of NRA members , SAF members, etc. nationwide.

I'm just one of tens of millions of firearm owners in the US.

I'm just one.

But I'm one of many. A tide of people that aren't being paid for our activism but do it because we believe in our rights. 'Gun Control' activists have their 'True Believers' as well but most of them base their beliefs off of emotions and fear and not anything relating to facts. And there's nowhere near as many of them.

And that's how we win.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I notice we are activists for free!
Helmke, Japete, Odin, Get paid. I ask who is the more sincere, honest advocate.
Paul in Texas