Friday, April 15, 2011

Civil Obedience

We’re on a roll, no?

It used to be that that the Brady Bunch would scream and holler about everything, but now they’ve woken up and picked one single message to focus on. Big bullet blasting boxes. Otherwise known as Loughner-style assault clips.

The Messiah holds a non-transparent meeting in order to shut up the gun-grabbers and puts Joe Biden in charge of it. That alone makes me giggle like a school girl. But rather than sit back and relax, we push harder than ever.

But we should always have a Plan B.

This is the beginning of a series I’m calling “Civil Obedience.”

Let’s enjoy our successes, but think ahead. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Enter “Lost and Stolen” legislation.

Okie-dokie, let us explore the opportunities here.

I have a buddy who has a key to my home. I also have a key to his. If “Lost and Stolen” is ever passed here, I plan on complying with the law and employing the following scenario…

1. My buddy enters my home while I’m at work and helps himself to my piece o’ total crap .22 Jennings.
2. I enter his home and help myself to his “book gun.”
3. We both call the coppers and inform them that our guns are missing.
4. We politely request an LEO come out and dust for fingerprints and fill out the longest police report possible; complete with serial numbers and general description.
5. We both call the local PD and ask if they’ve found our gun yet…every single day.
6. After a few days, we call in and report that we have found our lost gun.
7. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Do this over and over and over and over and over and over.

If they get a stick up their butt and try to charge you with filing a false police report? Inform them that it is illegal to NOT report a “Lost or Stolen” gun.

We are currently winning. Let’s not be complacent on how we can still win even if we lose.

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Divemedic said...

You don't even need to go that far. Just tell the police that you looked everywhere and can't find it. Wait a week, and "oopsie. I found it in my range bag. Silly me."

Bob S. said...

Agree with DiveMedic with a slight twist.

Have the other person move it to another location in the house where you wouldn't normally look - and won't look.

You can truthfully claim you've looked all over and can't find it.

Oh, it was just misplaced by a friend -- ain't no law against that.

Wonder if the lost and stolen will try to include ammunition. Can you imagine having the cops help you count rounds to make sure none are missing?

Anonymous said...

I think the lost and stolen bill was defeated in Illinois. Might want to check the NRA-ILA website. It was House Bill 1855.

PT said...

I'd hide mine in my laundry and then forget about it.

The police would not like me after the 10th time I misplaced my .22 Ruger.