Friday, December 31, 2010

Living in Denial

To continue to pile on the leadership of the gun control movement we bring you another shining example by Brady Campaign/Joyce Puppet board member Joan Peterson, AKA Japete.

Crowing about some unnamed, alleged NRA member who supports registration, she states that obviously she 'knows' that most members support it and that people 'like me' are in the minority. Why? Because she personally knows some gun owners.

Well I personally know quite a few gun owners myself and most of them disagree w/ her 'reasonable, common-sense' solutions. So which anecdote has more authority? When I asked her, this was her reply:
What? Sorry, I don't get that one, Third or whoever you are.
When I typed more slowly so she could follow along, she refused to answer. Shock.

Since she likes to take individual comments as blanket beliefs of the 'gun lobby', I pointed out a comment by a BC member on their FB page:
I hate the 2nd Amendment! there, I said it
I asked her if this was then representative of the BC's membership. Her reply:
I doubt very much that a BC member would say that. It might be somebody responding on the Facebook page to an article, etc but could or could not be a member of the Brady Campaign.
Obviously she doesn't talk w/ gun control advocates very often.

So she wants concrete evidence this was a member of her group (he's a regular commenter there) but some unnamed individual described in a news article speaks for the majority of NRA members.

They really have this little of a clue.

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BobG said...

Never seen a Brady supporter yet who wasn't either a liar or a blithering idiot (or both).

Chas said...
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Thirdpower said...


I understand the sentiment and agree but I do try and keep this a family friendly blog.