Friday, November 12, 2010

The Next Generation of Gun Banners

Colin Goddard, VT survivor, has decided to take his victimization to the next level. Instead of just allowing himself to be defenseless, he is now Asst. Director of Legislation for the Brady Campaign. Dedicated to ensuring as many others are as defenseless against psychopaths as he was.

No mention in the article of course that said psycho jumped through all the proposed hoops, multiple background checks, waiting periods, etc.

Never let a good tragedy go unexploited for cheap political gain, right?

Since few people remember (or care) who Jim Brady is, are they going to rename their group (known long ago as Handgun Control Inc.) to the Goddard Campaign?

Note: Kaveman reminded me he expected something like this.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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FatWhiteMan said...

Define irony: Putting someone who has filmed himself straw purchasing guns in charge of gun legislation.

koveras225 said...

How impressive, Assistant Director of Legislation for an organization that's taking the fast lane on the highway to irrelevance.

Well, I suppose the polite thing to do is wish him luck getting anything past our A-Rated majority in Congress.

kaveman said...

Looks like my prediction is playing out nicely.

Weer'd Beard said...

Let's hammer on this one. Jim Brady was shot with a .22 Caliber Revolver, and his wife used his blood to enact restrictions on semi-auto rifles.

This is NO different...but we have more power to combat it this time!

Shawn said...

A man who dances on the blood of the victims of the same tragedy who were not so forutnate to survive. There has gotta be a new term for that.

Jacob said...

Bet it's not a volunteer position.

Link P said...

I have seen this article's headline in my Google Reader a few times. Every time my brain expected the article to about graphics and hyperlinks to pro Second Amendment groups like SAF or gun stores like Brownells. I guess I know which kind of gun banners I prefer.