Monday, November 8, 2010

More Anti-Gun Math: More Equals Less

As much as she states she's not writing as an official spokesthing for the Brady Bunch or Joyce Foundation, Joan Peterson is still a board member of both organizations.

A recent pearl of 'wisdom':
This is why we need a national law to require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows so that a state with looser laws doesn't end up providing the guns to people in a state with stronger laws. Indiana, for example, or Missouri, do not have nearly the strict laws as Illinois.
OK. Let's take a look at the BATFE numbers for 2009. Remember that Illinois has closed the 'gun show loophole' and has full firearm licensing.

Illinois recoveries: 3,555
Indiana recoveries: 1020
Missouri recoveries: 136

Hmm. Indiana actually scored HIGHER on the Brady Ranking than Missouri as does Wisconsin which accounted for 236 recoveries.

It sure looks like vicinity to Chicago correlates more to crime recoveries than 'strong' firearm laws.

So just like they lie when trying to pass stricter laws in Illinois, they'll lie about Illinois when trying to pass national laws.

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1 comment:

Chuck K said...

When did Ill-Annoys get full gun licensing?

When I left in 2004, all you needed was a FOID and a call to the Illinois State Police for the Brady check, but they did not get any information on the gun(s) in question, or even if the deal was consummated. This was McHenry County, not Crook County or Chicago, of course.

Not that licensing OWNERS is preferable to actually licensing guns - but if they only know you MIGHT have a firearm, it's quite different from Chitown, where they actually have info on the weapon in their files - if you are law-abiding, anyway.