Thursday, October 29, 2009

Illinois Factoids 2008

With the release of the Illinois UCR, a clearer picture of crime in the state can now be seen even though the state still remains in non-compliance w/ the FBI .

Nationally, the murder numbers/rate dropped from 16928/5.6 to 16272/5.4 from '07 to '08.

Illinois had a population of 12.85 million w/ a increased murder rate of 6.1/100K (790) in comparison to 5.9/100K last year.

Chicago had 22% of the population of Illinois yet accounted for 64.5% of murders w/ a per capita rate of 18/100K. an increase in murders both raw and per capita.

Cook County had 41% of the population of Illinois yet accounted for 73.9% of murders(584) w/ a per capita rate of 11.1/100K. It had a population drop yet an increase in murders due exclusively to Chicago.

The Cook County murders in raw number/per capita increased 11.9 and 11/1% respectively while arrest numbers and rates decreased compared to '07.

If Chicago were to fall into Lake Michigan, the Illinois murder rate would drop to 2.8 .

Were the rest of Cook County to follow suit, the rate would drop to 2.72 .

Yet instead we saw that increase. Now it's appearing that, in order to artificially reduce the murder rate from the disaster they saw in '08, they're increasingly classifying deaths as 'suicides'. All to continue to justify their ineffective gun ban.

Then there's the % of murders by types of weapons used, 2008:

Nationally: 66.9

Chicago: 80.8


Anonymous said...

A Chicago Suntimes article openly admitting the police department manning 2000 officers down from the publicized manning number of 13,500. While the city suggests police officers and firemen take an additional 24 unpaid furlough days off due to budgetary issues.,CST-NWS-shortage29.article

If I still lived in Chicago I'd be screaming at my elected representatives about enacting some form of CCW in this state because Chicago's war on gangs and crime isn't working. In fact, it just took a few more steps in the wrong direction. Less police patrolling the streets ='s less crime in Chicago? What is the council and Mayor thinking?

I guess the rest of Illinois can be thankful that a reduced police presence in the Chicago will make it more attractive to the thugs and banger's to stay in the city and leave the rest of the state alone.

Longhornjeff said...

Speaking of suicides it seems as though Kelly ingested rat posion.
I wonder if someone put rat posion in his pain pills?

mikeb302000 said...

Where are those guns in Chicago coming from, do you suppose? Wherever that is, Indiana for example, if they had tighter restrictions, do you think that might make a difference? I do.

Linoge said...

" you think that might make a difference? I do."

And that is why you will always be the “the woman with the earrings” to me – no facts, no figures, no statistics, no history to back up your opinion, but it is your opinion, so by God, it is correct.

Did you know that for the past 10 years, once-Great Britain’s firearm-related crime rate has grown seven times faster than its population? Seven times. Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, last I checked, England is an island, and controlling the influx of firearms would be pretty easy. Yet, despite having almost every last firearm banned, their firearm-related crime continues to climb. Furthermore, almost the entirety of Europe has “tighter restrictions”, and yet firearms are still making their way to England…

What does that do for your “thoughts”?

Weer'd Beard said...

"Where are those guns in Chicago coming from, do you suppose?"

You would be the BEST person to answer that question.

Where did you get YOUR illegal guns from?

I own all mine legally so I have no idea, they all come from Gun Shops, Gun Shows, and my friends.

But you've been there and looked the beast in the eye...yet you won't talk about it, and instead ask US questions. Why?

Nathaniel said...

If Chicago's guns are smuggled in from low-crime areas with liberal gun laws, then why aren't those areas experiencing similarly high levels of crime?

Weer'd Beard said...

And MikeB refuses to discuss the issue. I'll Take "Trolls" for $1000 Alex!

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Nice to see a fellow commie on the blog! MikeB is correct; Chicago's violence is the perfect excuse to expand our Marxist gun ban. We can always say that it just needs to be expanded a little more, to reduce violence in Chicago, until we've banned handguns everywhere in the US! Besides, focusing on guns keeps the heat off our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals in Chicago. It's a win/win situation for us! Ha! Ha!"

Thirdpower said...

MikeB's a drive by. He's just hoping to get a few more clicks on his site.

mikeb302000 said...

Linoge, What could "firearm-related crime rate has grown seven times faster than its population" possibly mean? Would you mind explaining that?

Thirdpower said...

Fairly simple statement MikeB? What's to explain?

Island Nation.
Near Complete Gun Ban. Everything you hope for plus.
Rising Gun Crime.

What that means, not possibly, is that gun control is a failure at reducing or controlling crime. It is proven as a failure. So that any attempts to continue to promote it show that the motives are not to reduce crime but something else.

Linoge said...

Well, if you ever wanted to convince me that you are in possession of a singularly defective set of neurons (or a tremendously deficient education), that was pretty much the way to do it, MikeB302000.

Let me make this simple for you:

Great Britain's population is growing at a rate of X.

Great Britain's firearm-related crime rate is growing at a rate of 7X (in reality, it is about 7.8X, but I was doing the math on the fly at the time I wrote that comment).

Which is exactly what I said above (in this specific case, X=0.036 or 3.6%).

The math, if your brain is capable of handling it, is available here, and I would stress that I made a point of using only the Brit's own data sets - which have proven to underreport inconvenient things in the past.

I really cannot make that statement any simpler. If you still do not grasp it, I suggest going to your local elementary school (or equivalent, over there in Italy), and asking a teacher.

mikeb302000 said...

Lingoe, Thanks that's very clear. And what time period does this incredible spike in gun crime cover. Isn't that a way of isolating the figures in order to get the best result? Or are you above that sort of thing?

Linoge said...

MikeB302000, I made the specifics of the information (and where it came from, and how long of a duration it covered, and so forth) available in my above-linked post - something I made clear in my previous comment. I am not going to retype it here simply because you are too lazy (or stupid) to click on a hyperlink.