Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where in the World is Rebecca Peters

Looking at the gun control connections for the Brady's, I saw that Rebecca Peters, who stated that:
civilians should not have sniper rifles, or rifles that they can kill someone at 100 meters distance, for example.

And told British firearm owners to 'get a new hobby' seems to have gone missing.

She is no longer listed as Director on the IANSA website. Instead there is an interim director named. Her wiki page calls her the 'former director' but her 'linkedin' page still states she 'currently holds this position' (or else hasn't been updated).

So what's up becky? George think you'ld do better serving him tea?

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LC Scotty said...

OT-what ever happened to djscrn (if that's the correct order of the letters in the screen name) over at Huffpo? He used to be right there in the thick of it and he seems to have dropped off...

Thirdpower said...


Shawn said...

She resigned back in July from them.

Of course iansa said that this is not going to hinder them in the creation of a treaty to end private ownership of firearms.

45superman said...

Hmm . . . Rebecca Peters resigning from IANSA. Maybe she has decided to do something productive with her life (I kid! I kid!).

Kudos, by the way, on finding the actual transcript of her advocacy for bans of firearms that can kill at 100 meters. I had no problem finding LaPierre's claim that she had said that, but had not found actual evidence of her saying it. I apparently had somehow missed when you posted that two years ago.

I seem to remember Jadegold claiming that was a lie of LaPierre's.

Thirdpower said...

Just one of the usual games. LaPierre used the wrong date in the debate.