Sunday, September 19, 2010

ISRA Banquet

Decided just to relax and not live blog the Banquet. Colleen Lawson opened up the festivities w/ a song.

After dinner (nice roast beef w/ red potatoes and green beans)
Otis McDonald gave rousing speech on the history of how he got involved.

After his speech, Exec. Dir. Richard Pearson presented him w/ 'the gun like he had when he was in the Army', a Springfield Armory 1911-A1 .

The McDonald v Chicago litigants (minus Adam Orlov) then presented the ISRA w/ a plaque thanking them for all the legal and emotional support during the case.

The Litigants and ISRA/IllinoisCarry leadership.
From left: Mike Weisman, Valinda Rowe, David & Colleen Lawson, Don Moran, Otis McDonald, Richard Pearson.

Didn't win any of the Raffle guns. No surprise there.
I then chatted for a while w/ the Rowe's, Mike Weisman and others before heading home. Mike made a pot of Turkish coffee for me to keep me awake on the drive home. It did, that's for sure.

Annual Meeting


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