Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Making of a Threeper

For those who don't know, 'Threeper' is the term used for what is best described as a 2nd Amendment Absolutist. Those that believe that all or most firearm laws are unconstitutional and should be abolished.

I'm not one of those but I do understand the mindset and how it's created. Let's take for example one of those 'reasonable, common-sense' laws in Illinois, the FOID card. For the most part, IMO, it IS reasonable. It's cheap, shall issue, and serves as a defacto background check which has kept several 'loophole' bills from passing.

On the other hand, the Illinois State Police (ISP) have this habit, every few years, of delaying issuing them up to six months and it having to take action by state representatives and senators to get them back on track. Their excuses for this usually include some form of "We can't afford more people" even though the cost of the license is higher than the expense.

Each and every time they pull this trick, it makes me lean a little more towards opposing ANY firearm laws, just picturing how that CAN and WILL be abused when put into practice. And that's just one example.

So it's really the 'gun control' advocates' own fault. Every time they try to play some word games and get caught, or, like Chicago or the ISP, make things as difficult as possible for law abiding people to own guns while criminals and Daley (but I repeat myself) have whatever access to them they want, they turn 'moderate' gun owners into hard-core ones and make 'fence-sitters' lean our way.

I hope they keep it up.
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Earl said...

I like keeping it simple, if you use a firearm in a crime (murder, theft, assault, rape, destruction of property) then you can heap coals upon the convict's head.

Most other firearms laws don't do anything but infringe.

45superman said...

I wasn't always a Threeper, either.

I eventually became convinced that "moderation," in dealing with the gun-haters, is simply a very s-l-o-o-w-w surrender.

Nope--not for me.

If they wanna ban any guns, let's see how many people they're willing to kill--and how many they're willing to lose--to do it.

My guess is that neither number will be nearly high enough for them to pull it off.

Weer'd Beard said...

I don't self-identify myself as a Threeper, and I certainly don't get very involved in their open organization...but am I one by definition?

A difficult question, but I will say that moving from Maine where gun laws are relatively reasonable to Massachusetts where the 2nd Amendment is openly and unreasonably being violated has turned my attention to the restrictions in Maine not being so reasonable after all.

Also doesn't help the case of the anti-right types that I spend a decent amount of time in peaceful Vermont with a gun in my pocket with no permissions or permits to speak for it besides the US Constitution.

I will not be polite, and I will not give quarter. I will drive out oppression wherever it lies, be it anti-gun Massachusetts, or "Gun Friendly" Florida and Texas.

Not only should the right to KEEP and BEAR arms not be INFRINGED just as a basic human right, but even in the touchy-feely world of justifying those rights, the infringements have no justification.

Matt Groom said...

I would be in favor of firearms owners ID cards only if they met the following criteria:

1)It's completely free to get one. You may have to take a class, which should be free, and you will have to spend time filling out forms, which are free, but financial burden, no matter how small, placed on the individual which might prevent them from exercising this essential, Constitutionally protected right is an infringement. If a Poll Tax is an illegal infringement on the "right" to vote, a right which is nowhere to be found in the U.S. Constitution, than an explicitly listed civil right CANNOT legally be taxed in any way.

2)The license MUST act as a universal concealed carry, possession, transfer, manufacturing, and storage permit. If you have a right to own a gun, you have a right to carry that gun...ANYWHERE. When necessary or for practice, you have a right to USE that gun. You have a right to modify or build a gun in anyway that does not render it dangerous to the user. Any gun that is legal for sale in the United States to ANYONE would be covered by this permit, including any non-crew served machine gun, any rifled or smooth-bored weapon of up to 3/4", any suppressor of any type, and any non-explosive, non-poisonous ammunition.

3)Your permit may only be revoked after you have been convicted of a Felony or High Treason, and revocation must be explicitly mentioned in the sentencing to be valid. Once your license is revoked, you may NOT carry transport your guns, or buy a new gun, but you retain your right to own and KEEP the firearms you already have.

Tango said...

I have to disagree on your definition of Threeper. Sure, we are about the gun laws, but more than that, the Threepers are the 3 percent that will once again stand up and march forward when the government turns on its citizens. While we call ourselves threepers, truth be told, nobody knows who the threepers are until the gauntlet is thrown.