Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Papers Please

Is the Chicago handgun registration supposed to reduce crime or just be a burden in an effort to reduce ownership?

Some pretty good evidence for the latter is the fact that there is only one registration office that they have already moved.

The second is that they have no idea how their own form needs to be filled out:

yesterday the gal at 48th & Kedzie told me Section D is to be filled out showing the gun shoppe where and when I bought the firearm I want to register. Just to be safe I called the gun desk this morning 312-745-5164 and was told No, you should list the name & address of the person who has been storing the gun for you OUTSIDE the City limits and then list the Date as the date you are filling out the application (today's date) as the date you are bringing the gun into the city, even if you are not bringing it in until after you receive the registration for the thing.

This is my shocked face.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Hunting Supplies said...

I wonder why they need registrations when weapons are freely available. Wise people don't wait for authorities. Its only the ones with (?????) in mind, who will find out a way to avoid this.