Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clueless and Naive

That pretty much sums up the local Democrat candidate for the IL 110 State Rep. seat, Dennis Malak.

Since this is a gun blog, let's start w/ that.
"I do not personally see the need for people to own automatic weapons, or other excessive weapons,"
'Automatic weapons'? Does he mean semi or fully? Does he know the difference?

'excessive weapons'? Huh? WTF are those?

"I also believe that we need to better educate the public on how to use and respect guns, and require that lock boxes be provided with every purchase."
A 'lock box'? Again, WFT is he talking about? Just for a handgun safe we're talking increasing the costs by possibly hundreds of dollars. And for rifles? Right. Sure.
For this I would like to see gun registration fees be reduced for taking a certified gun training and safety course.
And what 'registration fees' are those? We don't have registration in IL Mr. Malak. That would be Chicago.

That's the clueless part. Now the naive part of his platform (on the economy):
My plan calls for a truly temporary tax increase for two years.
Does anymore really need to be said on that one?

So this guy's got some good intentions ( and we all know which road is paved w/ those) but he doesn't have the practical knowledge or realistic world view to hold a public office.

So Days Of Our Trailers officially endorses incumbent Chapin Rose for office.

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