Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good fences make neighbor has been protecting her douche-bag offspring for several days now.
The coppers could have had me arrested me for throwing their soiled clothing out in the yard along with a make-shift eviction notice that I thought was totally cool but would make a lawyer cringe.

The cops decided to ignore my fit of passion and focus and capturing Tyler, since he had 6 outstanding warrants for his arrest. They told me to call them if I could verify where he was. I took a full week off of work to comply.

Many nuances ensued. He wasn't allowed to stay at Moms since he beat her up, yet she still protected him. Took me 3 days to prove he was there and the coppers finally nabbed him.

He's currently facing 12 counts of "failure to appear" in addition to "unlawful use of a vehicle." That would be the charge of him stealing my vehicle.

Now his family is trying to fuck me over any way they can. Their latest charge is that I threatened to kill one of their dogs. Just spoke with the cops 20 minutes ago and had to explain that I've been ignoring that pussy dog for over two years now.

If I wanted that dog dead, it would be.

They believed me and left.

So much going through my brain. Lotsa problems with life in a gang infested community, but the microcosom of one douche-bag in a town of 300, I'm starting to understand.


Robert Langham said...

Awful neighbors can make you miserable, good fence or not. I finally outlived mine.
My sympathies. Sounds like you are doing all you can. I remember my neighbor standing in my yard arguing with the police about where he could go and what he could do. Police love that kind of thing and figured out the situation early. Didn't help much but I didn't have to worry about him siccing the cops on me.

Rhino said...

it figures you try & give a guy a break & he screws ya. keep your eyes open for that asshole to try some shady shit,cut him no slack as he sounds like a nut to me.....good luck

Anonymous said...

Didn't take long did it?
By the way if mom was hiding his that falls under "Harboring a fugitive" You may wany to remind her of that if they keep up the harrassment.
Paul in Texas

Crustyrusty said...

I hear ya, bro. I lived in pop. 200 in Forgottonia for 13 years and it's the same shit, different county.

Hunting Supplies said...

My friend, you are lucky to have a faceoff with your neighbour; nowadays this happens even with your relatives. I have seen and suffered myself.

Tennessee Budd said...

hey, in a town of 300, if he ever attacks you, you'll have at least 290 saying your actions were justified.