Friday, September 3, 2010

1975 v Today

Authorized Journalist Bruce Lowry opines that things were better back in 1975:
"In 1975, we didn't have this problem," Glenn Brown, Paterson's police director and a lifelong resident, told the Herald News. "We didn't have the number of shootings that you have today.
He goes on.
And we certainly didn't have the number of guns."

Those guns help feed a perception of violence in a city that could be, and should be, known for so much more...

Still, the prevalence of guns is the game-changer, the difference, if you will, between life and death.

Yep. It's the NRA's fault again. Nevermind that in 1975 we also didn't have the NJ Assault Weapon Ban, Background checks or many other 'reasonable common sense laws. '

The VPC et al ramble on endlessly (falsely) that the firearm industry is dying and there are LESS firearm owners than there were in 1975 than now. But guns are the 'game changer'?

Oh wait, I apologize. I missed a word in the above quote.

"In 1975, we didn't have this gang problem,

Maybe it has more to do w/ those gangs and parents not bothering to raise their children w/ any decency or common-sense?

Naw. That would just be pointing fingers.

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Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

You forgot to mention how this authorized journalist used to go dear hunting as a boy.

Also, so much for the anti's who used to firmly believe that every community should have the right to make their own laws. But when said communities actually due this, anti's consider them *lax*

W. Richards said...

And Chicago has Millions of dollars in crime cameras posted around the city now? And yet the shootings continue at an unaltered pace. Solved homicide's are below a 35 % rate in the city also. All this improved technology and yet the thug's still roam freely and unhindered.

Stuart the Viking said...

Cemetery's Gun Blob,

I'm not usually a spelling nazi, but when I read your comment about "dear" hunting (as opposed to DEER hunting) I had to read it twice before it clicked. In my defence, visions of scantily clad "June Cleaver" types saying "yes dear" popped into my head and I got distracted.

WV: chessnes, a word describing particularly complicated tactics. As in: "The Generals tactics had a certian chessnes to them".