Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Anti-Gun Distortions on 'Loopholes'

Back in April, I posted the fact that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership made inaccurate and exaggerated statements regarding the 'Gun Show Loophole' in Illinois. In order to ban all private sales, they claimed that :
"anyone — including gang members, people with severe mental illness, and domestic violence offenders — can buy a handgun from an unlicensed seller with no questions asked.
Ignoring the fact that there is full licensing in the state.

In Helmke's latest screed, they again use Chicago (with the strictest laws in the nation) as their example of why the 'gun show loophole' should be closed even though there was no effect on crime when IL did it. They trot out a bunch of anti-gun politicians and activists to 'testify' including Colin Goddard, VT survivor and mouthpiece for the Brady Bunch.

He uses his story of why the law should be passed even though VT had NOTHING to do w/ gun shows. Cho went through licensed FFL's. He touts his video of 'easy gun show buys' yet, when called on the fact that he admits to illegal purchases in it, the BC admits to having to had to jump through hoops in order to not violate any laws.

Someone who claims to be associated has piped up on the thread. In between mouthing BC talking points nearly word for word, stated that:

He was shot 4 times and had to pretend he was dead to avoid more bullets.

but then says:

I asked him about whether his having a gun would have saved him. He answered that under the circumstances, had he pulled out a gun, Cho would have shot to kill him.

Yeah, read that carefully.

'Gun control' supporters will continue to use lies and deception to push their immoral agenda. They have proven it every time.

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