Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Importance of Eddie Eagle

The wife and I watched the movie "The New Daughter" the other night (I'll give a review at the end). In it, Kevin Kostner's 7 yr old son finds a dbl barrel shotgun in a piano and chaos ensues. W/ his finger on the trigger, he swings it around, pointing it unintentionally at his sister and father and all are completely panicked.

Had he learned the 'rules':

1. Stop!
2. Don't touch!
3. Leave the area!
4. Tell an adult!

There wouldn't have been any problems. My kids have been able to recite that since they could form sentences and they still like to pop the video in every once in awhile. We make sure the youngest understands "Don't Touch Daddy's Guns" as well.

Now compare the above scenario to these photos of 7 yr olds:

Big difference.

As for the movie... 2.5/4. You could tell the director/writer/ whoever had watched all the horror films and liked certain scenes. It had elements of Signs, The Ring, Blair Witch and others. Fairly predictable but generally entertaining. While it did start out w/ a 'Guns r bad, M'kay' bent, Kostner's character shortly realized having a gun might be a good idea.

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