Saturday, August 14, 2010

Strategy Fail

After IL Gov. Quinn's losing campaign opened their arms to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, someone apparently decided it was a good idea to try and push a gun ban referendum:

Petition documents filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections show the title of the proposed referendum as being "Petition to Ban the Sale on Semi-Automatic and Assault Weapons." Notarized signatures on over 100 pages of petitions show one "Maz Jackson" as being the petition circulator. Maz Jackson is a top field operative for the Quinn gubernatorial re-election campaign.

Yep. Ban Semi-Auto's. That's exactly what it says. At first the Quinn campaign played the denial game but then finally admitted to it.

The relase was sent out to the media, then as an alert. Capitol fax picked it up last night. While the Quin campaign downstate was denying the particpation and claiming it only delt with "assualt weapons" they got to see the petition and began to wet their pants. unhappy is a mild discription of what must have been going on.

Durign the middle of the day Quinn people were trying to tamp down the rumor and the ISRA press release. ISRA's facts tended to push back. By midnight they were trying to come up with an answer as the downstate Quinn guys found out they had their legs cut out from underneath them by the Governor.

Early this morning Capitalfax reported that Quinn's campign owned up to the petitions. Game, set, match.

Between this, the double digit raises for his staff and the 'early release of violent prisoners' fiasco, it's no wonder his numbers keep plummeting.

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Matt Groom said...

In "Petition to Ban the Sale on Semi-Automatic and Assault Weapons" you will note the "and" in the title acknowledging that "Semi-Automatics" are NOT "Assault Rifles". It's always fun to watch them squirm when you can just tell that even the die-hards have been forced to concede certain points to those of us on the side of righteousness and, uhh, reality.