Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is a dictionary definition.

Seriously though, I know a guy that has claimed to be everything from a Navy SEAL Officer/Chief, Sniper, CIA operative, Veterinarian, Doctor to name just a few.

He never had a copy of his DD-214 since it was super top secret and they wouldn't let him have a copy of it.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Sarah said...

Haaah! You mean his DD-214 was top secret despite the fact that you could request a sanitized version of mine or, well, any other vet's, simply by getting online and filling in the correct boxes?

He must have been *awesome*

Anonymous said...

My service was short and I never did anything of any particular distinction, but I never tried to make it into something it was not. This guy is a disgrace and a nut job.

Old Jarhead said...

Any relation to the moron in this story?


I spent 8 years, with the most spectacular thing I did is travel overseas. No combat, no Marine Force Recon (even though I knew a Sgt that was FR). I hope you out the fool. EVERYONE will get a DD-214 when being discharged. Anything considered as secret won't be listed at all, or called something like "Detached Duty".